The Power of Raw Feeding, For Beginners

What's The Fuss?

Raw feeding isn’t for every one but it is considered to be a biologically appropriate diet for a dog, so it’s at least worth understanding a bit more about it when deciding what to feed.

Our own personal journey started about 6 years ago, when Jasper’s stools were never quite right.  They were more often then not runny or at best loose, suggesting his current food didn’t agree with him.  

We tried all sorts of high quality kibble but whilst the ingredients were ‘good’, he was still sensitive to something.  We started to think that processed food wasn’t the answer, and raw was worth looking into.

With plenty of trepidation, we set about researching what this diet was all about.  What about bacteria?  Will it turn him savage? Will I get sick if he licks me?  What exactly can I feed?

raw feeding for beginners

Initially we lurked on raw feeding groups on Facebook, to learn from the conversations that raw-feeders were having, their challenges and the success stories they had with their pups.  It was often overwhelming! 
All I really wanted to know was what ‘exactly’ should I feed and is it safe and healthy.  So, we eventually took the plunge….

IMG 1780 min

We particularly wanted to raw feed because it emulates what we like to eat ourselves (no not raw meat, although I am partial to a medium-rare steak).  We try to steer clear of heavily processed foods and ingredients and make food from scratch and it seemed odd to then feed Jasper what can often be by-products from the human food chain.  

Despite the claims by many pet food companies that their foods are balanced, complete, wholesome and natural, we found quite the opposite to be true.

Take a look for yourself, on the ‘all about dog food’ website (links below) to see exactly what’s in your current preferred dog food.  The site is really unbiased and helps you understand what ‘purpose’ each ingredient serves.

What are the basics of raw-feeding?

There is so much information and advice out there but there are some simple basics to be getting on with.  Here’s a guide to raw feeding for beginners.


80:10:10 is the ratio of meat : bone : offal
It’s as simple as that – kind of!  Use the handy guide below to understand what constitutes food from each category.

How much to feed?

We tend to look at body condition to judge how much food to feed. Of course you have to start somewhere, so for an adult dog you’re generally looking to feed 2-3% of your dogs IDEAL body weight.  Once you’ve maintained that for a month or two, you can slowly start to slightly increase or decrease the amount you feed, to get to an ideal body condition.

Raw feeding guide
Reproduced from

Still looks a bit complicated…!?

It doesn’t have to be.  Some of us raw-feeders get a little hooked on trying new meats and presenting beautiful plates of food.  For others they just want a good balanced complete meal in a box which has everything you need and just needs to be dished up.  Suppliers like Henley Raw Dog Food and Paleo Ridge Raw offer truly balanced complete meals delivering them to your door.  There are many suppliers out there, but I particularly like these companies as the meat is an excellent coarse texture, good quality and it is a truly balanced meal, according to the 80:10:10 ratios.

will I notice a difference?

Yes, it’s very likely you will.  Raw fed pooches tend to:

  • smell less – no doggy odour
  • be less hyper – no additives or colouring
  • have smaller poos – less waste in, less waste out
  • have stronger immunity – less vets bills
  • have healthier teeth – less plaque, better smelling breath
  • be less windy – BONUS!
You should also see them enjoying their food more and being super keen to eat at feeding times.

I love the thought that I am feeding fresh, natural food to my boy.  If truth be told, would he eat the food on the right…and the left – absolutely, but its our personal preference to feed what we think is most nutritious for him.

I know Jasper loves his food and his poops are now delightful!

More Resources

Hopefully this has been food for thought, but do your own research and look at both sides of the argument.  If you would like to access some great pro-raw sites, groups and suppliers, I’ve listed some of my favourite below.  It’s not for everyone, but once you start looking into the benefits, you never know….

Who is eWoof? 

eWoof offers licensed and insured dog daycare, boarding and walking services.  We are based in Flackwell Heath, High Wycombe.  We are pleased to be able to welcome raw fed dogs for daycare and boarding and have separate refrigeration facilities to cater for multiple raw feeders at any time and over extended periods.