Corona virus important boarding information

Coronavirus - Important Information For Customers Boarding With eWoof

With the recent challenges that the coronavirus has brought to international travel we wanted to notify our Customers about a few considerations prior to your dog boarding with us.


Below is a reminder of our cancellation notice period.  We want to make sure that you can factor this into your decisions should you be considering cancelling or postponing your trip.

Our cancellation terms can be found here but below is a snippet of the relevant part in relation to boarding.


As we are in a busy period for dog boarding, your deposit protects your dates from use by other customers so if you do need to cancel it is a loss of income for eWoof.  Having said that we don’t wish for any one to be out of pocket so we do want to highlight the deadlines for giving us notice to cancel, so that you can make informed and timely decisions.  

We will not be able to carry deposit payments forward if you do decide to cancel later then the notice periods stated as this still results in a loss of income for that week which we are very unlikely to be able to recoup at such late notice.

It is worth noting that if the decision to cancel your trip is taken out of your hands your travel insurance should be able to assist with cancellation fees for our services.  If you require an invoice to support a claim, we’d be happy to provide this for you.


Just in case you do find yourself in a position where your return is delayed you should ensure that the emergency contact details we hold are up to date and that your contact is aware and prepared to have your dog in the event of an emergency or delay to your return to the UK.  

We will endeavour to keep your dog if you are delayed but due to our licensing restrictions, we may not have adequate capacity to do so and as last resort, if your emergency contact were unable or unwilling to step in, we may need to consider the use of local kennels as per our terms and conditions.  We would work with you to avoid this but making a plan before your departure is by far the easiest way to reduce the stress and worry should this become an issue.

If you are delayed and wish for us to continue looking after your dog (if we have availability) this is charged at the usual rates.  You may also wish for your emergency contact to step in at that point and we will need your permission to release your dog to anyone other then yourself. 


We recommend that you provide additional food as a precaution and explicitly outline what food your dog eats (brand etc) in case we run out.  


Assuming all goes well and you’ve been able to enjoy a nice break – on the day you arrive to collect your dog, we will be taking a few precautions as you will likely have been mingling with many travellers in the airport and on planes.  Short of wearing a face mask(!) we will do a quick handover at the door with no long goodbyes.  It will of course be lovely to see you but perhaps we can catch up over WhatsApp instead 🙂

Hopefully your trip will not be affected but it’s best to plan for the worst and hope for the best.  

If you have any questions or concerns please do get in touch with us.

For up to date government advice visit