eWoof Terms and Conditions

For your convenience our Terms and Conditions have been split by service required.  Please at least read our terms for the service you require plus the General information which applies to all our services.

For your convenience you may also download a full copy of eWoof Terms and Conditions to keep for your records.  

Please note that the current version of our terms and conditions will always be available on our website and may be updated from time to time.

The Terms and Conditions set out an agreement between you, ‘the Owner’ hereafter referred to as ‘You’ and ‘eWoof Day-care, Boarding & Walking’ hereafter referred to as ‘eWoof’. This agreement covers all of our Services: day-care, home-boarding and dog walks.

1. You agree to an introductory meeting to allow eWoof to meet your dog and discuss aspects of care and also to introduce them to our resident dog. This meeting will take place in our home by arrangement and is undertaken free of charge. For new Boarding dogs, a trial overnight stay will be required (charged at our standard Boarding rate). New day-care customers will be offered permanent or ad hoc places after a successful first trial day.

2. For day care guests that sign up to our REGULAR service, we will reserve a regular slot for you on your chosen days. These days will be exclusively reserved for your use on an on-going basis until you notify us otherwise. Days are therefore chargeable whether used or not.

3. For AD HOC day-care guests, spaces are offered upon request if available, but are not reserved on a permanent basis, even if your dog has been able to attend on a specific day for a period of time. You may request and book future ad hoc dates subject to availability but once they are booked, the day is chargeable whether used or not and cancellation timescales and charges apply, as outlined in Section 18.

You may request and confirm the dates you need up to 1 month in advance and cancel up to 1 week before the required date, without charge.

NB – availability of future days will change regularly as new REGULAR daycare guests join us from time to time, other Owners request ad hoc dates, or we accept a BOARDING guest.

Health & Protection Against Disease

4. We are required under our License, to ensure that all dogs are up to date with current vaccinations (kennel cough is not required). They must also be free from worms and fleas before being placed with eWoof. We do accept titre testing as acceptable proof of immunity. All primary vaccinations or course of vaccinations must be completed at least 2 weeks prior to any daycare or boarding. We are unable to accept any puppies that has received initial vaccinations within 2 weeks of the date they are due to stay with us. We reserve the right to decline to accept any dog that arrives for boarding looking visibly unwell and no refund will be given if declined.

5. You agree you will be handing your dog over to eWoof in good health. Any current illnesses or ailments will be disclosed and any medication for such ailments will be supplied and detailed on the Medication Permission form. If any illness develops or has not been disclosed upon drop off and it appears to be or is diagnosed as contagious, you or your emergency contact will be asked to collect your dog with immediate effect. No refund will be given under these circumstances. A dog may only return to eWoof for the remainder of the booking if their vet has deemed any illness as no threat to persons or dogs. If any changes to your dog’s health occur between the time of booking and commencing service with eWoof you must ensure that we are informed of these changes.

6. eWoof accepts entire males. Our resident male is entire and we are unable to accept bookings for unspayed bitches unless you are prepared to sign a waiver stating that you accept full responsibility for unplanned mating during daycare or boarding. Under no circumstances can we board a bitch in season and should this happen during a stay with us, you or your emergency contact will need to collect your dog immediately. If this is not possible we will relocate your dog to a local kennel.

Service Times

7. For day care you may drop your dog off at an agreed time from 8am and collect your dog at an agreed time before 6pm on the same day.

8. For overnight boarding, the daily boarding rate covers the time your dog is dropped off on the first day of stay (from 8am) up until 10am the next day. Any subsequent stay after 10am on the day of collection is charged at the full standard day care rate.

9. If your dog is collected before the pre-agreed departure date there will be no refund.


10. You must have prior consent from your nominated emergency contact and they must be willing and available to take your dog if required. You understand that the alternative is that your dog will be moved to a kennel if they refuse to collect your dog.

11. In the event of serious accident or illness at eWoof, emergency cover will be arranged for your dog if possible. This will be done with the involvement of you or your emergency contact wherever possible.

12. Your emergency contact will be asked to take over care for your dog in the event of any emergency or if your dog displays behaviour that means they can no longer be cared for. These behaviours may be, but are not limited to, aggression, separation anxiety, anti-social behaviour, toileting or destructive behaviour in our home. Refunds will not be given under these circumstances.


13.You agree that your dog will come into contact with other dogs, both on and off eWoof premises. By signing these terms and conditions you are agreeing to your dog sharing supervised socialisation times with dogs from other households. You are also consenting to your dog sharing unsupervised time during the night if boarding with us.

14. If your dog is under 12 months, you give your consent for supervised interaction with people, children and dogs of all sizes.

15. As agreed with you, your dog will be exercised on or off lead. Where you give consent for your dog to be off-lead, you must indicate this in the consent form, and agree to accept responsibility for accident, injury or loss, caused by or to your dog.

Unexpected Expenses During Boarding

16. You agree that if insufficient food or other supplies are provided to cover your pet’s stay, the cost of purchasing additional items will be payable on collection of your dog plus a £5 administration fee.

17. Any veterinary fees that are incurred for your pets and have been paid by eWoof, must be reimbursed immediately on your return.

18. If for any of reason, we need to move your dog to a kennel, a transfer fee of £20.00 will be payable upon your return. There will be no refund of the boarding fees you have paid to eWoof and any additional fees charged by the kennels will be payable by you.

Day-care Cancellation Terms

19. Regular service: If your dog is unable to attend their regular reserved day-care place for any reason the day is still chargeable. This includes time off for holidays, illness or bad weather. We do try to be flexible, and if we have enough notice for planned absence and we can fill your space you will not be charged for it.

20. Ad Hoc Service: One you have requested a date with us and this is confirmed as booked with us, if your dog is unable to attend for any reason the day is still chargeable unless you cancel with a minimum 1 weeks notice.

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21. Public holidays are an exception to this rule and there is no charge for absence on these days unless you specifically request day care, in which case there is an additional charge (x2 standard rate)

22. If cancellations become a regular occurrence just before the deadline we reserve the right to remove the notice period for AD HOC and charge as per the REGULAR Service cancellation terms.

Boarding Confirmation & Cancellation Terms

23. Once the introductory meeting is deemed successful a 50% deposit is payable before the dates required can be confirmed.

24. All remaining fees must be paid no later than the day before your dog is due to stay with us. 
 We are unable to accept your dog until full payment is received.

25. Public holidays are charged at double the standard rate.

26. In the event of cancellation, we are not able to roll over any deposit credits for future use and the following applies,

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27. Walks may be booked on either an on-going regular basis or ad hoc. You may call to book a walk with us at anytime and we will try to fit you in wherever possible (assuming we already know your dog).

28. As agreed with you, your dog will be exercised either on or off lead. Where you give consent for your dog to run free off the lead, you must indicate this in the consent form, and agree to accept responsibility for accident, injury or loss, caused by or to your dog.

29. If your dog has any behavioural issues that give you any concern that they could attack or bite another dog or person, you must inform us so that we can take reasonable precautions to prevent this. We may ask for your consent to use a muzzle to ensure the safety of all dogs.

30. If we are required to hold a key, this is kept in a locked key cupboard for security. Please ensure we have full details on locks or alarms prior to our first walk.

31. Where we collect your dog by vehicle, they will be transported safely with a suitable car restraint. We require you to provide a suitable car harness.

32. While we endeavour to provide walks at the pre-agreed / requested time, you understand that unforeseen events or traffic delays may impact our ability to pick up or collect your dog on time.

Dog Walk Cancellation Terms

33. No charge:

  • You may cancel a walk up to the day before the walk, to avoid charges.
  • Where it would be dangerous to walk your dog, ie extreme heat, cold or rain, there will be no charge and we will notify you as soon as we consider the risk to be high.

34. 50% payment is required if we:

  • Arrive to collect your dog but they are sick or unwell and we believe it is not in their interest to continue with a walk. We will contact you to let you know.
  • Cannot gain access to a property to walk your dog due to faulty locks or your error in locking the property (eg double locked doors or alarm not being disabled)

35. 100% payment is required if we:

  • Can get to you to walk your dog, we will not cancel due to bad weather and your walk is still chargeable even if you decide not to proceed with it.
  • Arrive at your property but we are no longer required to walk your dog (eg your plans have changed or you have forgotten to cancel the walk).

36. Summary of dog walk cancellation terms

dogwalks canx

37. eWoof warrants that it is licensed by the appropriate authorities to carry out day-care and boarding services according to the Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals (England) Regulations 2018. Our License number is HB/003, issued by Wycombe DC. We are fully insured for the Services offered.

38. You agree to provide full and honest information to eWoof about your dog during the booking procedure. Dogs, whose behaviour may negatively impact on eWoof, our own dog, guests boarding with us, our home or our neighbours, will not be accepted. This includes but is not limited to excessive barking or anti-social behaviour, aggression towards any humans or animals, toileting in the home, separation anxiety, howling, destructive behaviour, straying and phobias.

39. You agree to complete and return the relevant forms (and any additional information requested) for the service required, prior to your service commencing. eWoof is obliged to request and maintain certain records for Boarding and Day-care in accordance with current Animal Welfare Legislation. You agree to inform us if any information changes during the course of using our Services.

40. From time to time we may take photos or videos of our guests enjoying day-care, boarding and walks and post to our Facebook page or website. We will never share your pet’s name online, all photos remain anonymous. If you do not consent to use of your dog’s photo, please let us know.

41. If a medical emergency arises for your dog, eWoof will make every effort to contact you and your emergency contact. Where time is of the essence, you authorise eWoof to seek medical services at the nearest veterinary practice. You agree to reimburse for all services rendered by a veterinarian in accordance with your wishes as stated and signed in the veterinary release form.

42. You agree that if your pet attacks another animal or person, including any representative of eWoof, and this results in injury to that animal or person, you will be responsible for any expense incurred as a result. This includes payment of veterinary fees incurred as a result of injuries to another animal. The dog will be removed with immediate effect and placed with the emergency contact and no refund will be due.

43. You understand that if your dog is injured during a walk or while undertaking any normal or expected activity whilst in our care, and which could reasonably happen while in your own care, eWoof is not liable for veterinary costs and this should be claimed under your own pet insurance.

44. eWoof will carry out all agreed services in a reliable, caring and trustworthy manner. In consideration of these services and as an express condition thereof, you waive and relinquish any and all claims against eWoof except those arising from gross negligence or misconduct on the part of the business.

45. Upon signing a consent form, you accept and authorise this signed contract to be valid approval for future services, therefore allowing eWoof to accept future bookings without additional signed contracts or authorisation.

eWoof Terms and Conditions Standard 2021 v8.1 – updated 16th October 2021