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Wonderful Walks with eWoof...

If you want to find a dog walker in Wooburn Green, look no further.  eWoof offers its dog walking service to the residents and pups of Wooburn Green 5 days a week, with a pick-up and drop-off service included in the price.

We typically walk in areas surrounded by fields and woodlands, so this is a great place for your dog to run off lead, away from any traffic. Our small walking groups are for dogs which have been socialised and which will settle into a group. 

dog walker wooburn green

£15 - One Hour Group Dog Walk

Includes pick up and collection time
(Actual walk duration is 1 hour + collection / drop off time)

Find a dog walker in Wooburn Green and get the benefits of group walks

There are so many benefits to your dog joining one of our group walks.  While we are an obvious choice for when you can’t be there to take your dog out during the day, regular group walks can help your pup to get more exercise and gain confidence. 

On group walks, puppies benefit from gaining confidence around older dogs, learning the etiquette of socialising, playing and meeting new dogs. Older dogs benefit from free running and extended exercise. 

Even if you walk your dog every day it’s great for them to become familiar with another trusted person, in case you ever need cover in an emergency.  It also helps with sociability as they join a small group and feel comfortable in the company of other dogs.

If your own dog walks are really just 10 minute toilet breaks or a walk to do the school run, let us take on the leg work and get your dog moving about more.  Dogs that get out for extended periods are happier, less anxious and it can help to foster better behaviour at home.

It’s a good idea to find a dog walker like eWoof who offers daycare and boarding too, just in case you ever need these services in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Dog Walks

Great question.  

Rob is the main dog walker.  He has been dog walking for over 8 years so has plenty of experience walking dogs and keeping them safe while in his care.  When the dogs see Rob, they know they’re going out for fun and they learn to respond to him and stay close to the group.

Dogs are walked in areas in and around Wooburn Green, that we consider to be safe and which are away from traffic and too many members of the general public.  Dogs are kept on lead until we know it’s safe to let them off and we are vigilant about our surroundings before dogs are let off lead.  

Rob is canine first aid and CPR trained, so always prepared in case of an emergency in the field…as it were!

For dogs based in Wooburn Green, we offer regular weekly dog walks or you can book ad hoc when you need us.  Contact us up to the night before to see if we can fit you in. We will always try to accommodate you as best we can. It’s the reason we only serve a very small and local area, so that we can be as flexible for our Customers as possible.

We walk in small groups, no more then 4 dogs and sometimes less.  We will plan our walks according to the types of dogs being walked on that day and if necessary put in an extra walk if some dogs just can’t be socialised together.

The group has to be comfortable together and enjoy the walk.  We believe in mixing different sizes and breeds as it helps with overall socialisation and allows dogs to learn to be around all types without fear or nervousness.  We ensure the big dogs play safely and that the little dogs are safe, and we sometimes limit the small dogs to lead walks part of the way while the bigger dogs get a longer run out, purely because of their different activity levels.

Age and health are taken into consideration to ensure walks are safe and enjoyable all round.  We take your guidance on what type of walk your dog needs but we will always share our knowledge and experience to make sure each dog is walked safely.

We ask you to provide a correctly fitting harness for your dog and to make sure it is in good condition so that we can transport your dog safely.  Contact us if your dog cannot wear a harness for any reason as we may be able to plan a walk in a safe location close to you instead which does not require car travel.

We walk in most weather conditions – sun, rain, snow, wind…. We expect to walk your dog if we can safely get to you for collection. Under these circumstances, if you then decide you don’t want your dog walked, fees are still payable, unless cancelled the day before. Where the weather poses a danger to us or your dog, for example significant snowfall or high temperatures there is no charge if the walk doesn’t take place.

In short, no. 

You can book as many or as few walks as you like.  Obviously, if you need set dates or times, book in advance to avoid disappointment.  We aim to be as flexible as we can with bookings and there is no requirement to book regular walks unless you want to.



  • you cancel a walk up to 24hours before the walk is due to take place
  • it would be dangerous to walk your dog, ie extreme heat, cold or rain

50% PAYMENT where we ~

  • arrive to collect your dog but they are sick or unwell and we believe it is not in their interest to continue with a walk. We will contact you to let you know.
  • cannot gain access to a property to walk your dog due to faulty locks or your error in locking the property (eg double locked doors or alarm not being disabled)

100% PAYMENT where we:

  • can get to you to walk your dog during inclement weather but you decide not to proceed with it 
  • arrive at your property but we are no longer required to walk your dog (eg your plans have changed or you have forgotten to cancel the walk).

We like to meet you and your dog at your home so we can see how your dog responds to us at your house for future collections.  We want to make sure your pup is comfortable with us.  We will ask questions about their likes, dislikes and any challenging behaviours we need to know about.

We think it’s important for you to know who your dog is being entrusted to and feel comfortable giving us access to your home (if required).  

It’s as simple as that.  If everyone’s happy, we ask you to provide us with some basic information on a short form just in case of emergencies, and we’re good to go.

  • 60 minute group walk with collection & drop-off: £15 per dog
We accept payment by cash or bank transfer – payable either daily or on the last day of the week that we walk your dog.

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