Dog Visits

Who Let the Dogs Out…?

Dog visits are perfect when you just need to pop out but know that your pup needs to be let out, fed, or even given their medication while you are away.

Visits are simple to arrange. 
We will need an initial visit with you to meet your dog and to make sure that they are comfortable with us coming into their home.  Let us have details about access, times & dates required and we can do the rest.

If they need feeding or medication, let us know exactly what is required and we will follow your instructions.

Free cuddles and play with every visit.

Benefits of Home Visits

Home visits are a low cost, easy to arrange option when you don’t need full day care but do want to ensure your dogs comfort while you are absent.

Home visits can break up the boredom and get pups used to being alone.  

If you need a little bit more then a quick check-in – treat your dog to a walk.  A one hour walk gives your dog company, exercise and stimulation so that they can relax when they are dropped back home.

We will pop in to meet you and your dog and get your instructions for what’s required when we visit.
We will need to have a key or details regarding access and it’s pretty much that simple.

Once we have completed the first visit, we can be flexible and offer a drop in with 24 hours notice.  We aim to be as flexible as we can be, so it’s always worth asking to see if we can help.

This service is not an option for long term care.  

This service is not intended to replace boarding, dogs are sociable animals and should not be routinely left alone for long periods. If you need longer term care please ask us about home boarding or look for a service with a pet sitter that stays in your home.

  • 1 visit per day – £10 (up to 2 dogs)
  • 2 visits per day – £17 (up to 2 dogs)

We accept payment by cash, bank transfer or cheque – payable either daily or on the last day of the week that we visit your dog.

hook Me Up...

So you’ve decided you like what you see, how do we make this happen?

  • Call Sam on 07903 935 078 or email to discuss your requirements.
  • You’ll want to meet us first and make sure your dog thinks we’re suitable, so we will come to visit you and make sure we understand what you require.
  • You can cover everything we need to know and talk us through important things like keys, alarms and sticky locks!