Cat Visits

What’s up pussycat…?

cat visits at eWoof

Cat home visits are perfect for the independent cat –  comfortable in their own home with just the occasional ‘human’ around to provide food, water, clean litter and the occasional rub.

Cat visits are simple to arrange.  We meet you in the comfort of your home to get to know you and your cat and to discuss their needs while you are away.  Visits can take place once or twice a day and a typical visit lasts around 30 minutes. 

Our service includes:

  • feeding
  • refreshing water 
  • cleaning bowls and feeding areas
  • checking & changing litter trays
  • basic grooming and checkover (if your cat likes to be handled)
  • cuddles or playing with toys

Let us know if you need a few plants watered or curtains closed and we will of course pop any mail safely to one side for you.
We’re always happy to keep you updated via WhatsApp to give you your daily feline fix.

**This service is limited to the Flackwell Heath area only**

Benefits of Home Visits

Cats just love their home comforts and luckily for their owners, most cope pretty well without human contact all day.

Rather then using catteries, combine the care of your cats with the safety of your home.  While you’re away, your home is visited and checked to ensure all is well and your cats are checked on and cared for to ensure they are comfortable and safe.

Don’t worry, we commit to completing all the standard activities listed, whether it takes 30 minutes or more.  Your cat’s health and comfort is our priority and we will never leave the job half finished.

We will gather information about your cat and your requirements for their care during our visit with you.  

We only require information about feeding, restrictions on movement in and out of the house and current health status.  We will also ask for information about your vets in case of an emergency and ask you to sign a veterinary release form to ensure we can get medical attention for your pet promptly if required.

Click here to download forms for our Cat Visits service. 

Of course we can – and we will look after a 2nd cat at no additional cost anyway.

For more than 2 cats, add £2 per additional cat, per visit.

For simple tasks like feeding fish or replenishing the food of small furries, there’s no extra cost.
If we are talking multiple furries or cleaning cages out for example, we can do that – see our prices below.

If you need help for something a bit more exotic or specialist, you can always ask.  If we feel competent enough to help we will, otherwise we’ll be up front with you about our level of knowledge before agreeing to additional care.

If you need a mix of help on different days just let us know what you need and we can confirm costs if you’re not sure or it’s not outlined in the next FAQ.

  • 1 visit per day – £10 (up to 2 cats)
  • 2 visits per day – £17 (up to 2 cats)
  • Cleaning small furries cage: Add £5
  • For other pets – please ask for a quote

We accept payment by cash, bank transfer or cheque – payable in advance of your service commencing.

hook Me Up...

So you’ve decided you like what you see, how do we make this happen?

  • If you’re based in the Flackwell Heath area, call Sam on 07903 935 078 or email to discuss what days you need our help.
  • You’ll want to meet us to make sure your cat thinks we’re up to the challenge, so we will come to visit you to discuss your needs.  You can cover everything we need to be aware of and talk us through important things like keys, alarms and sticky locks!
  • Complete the forms – make payment – your dates are booked!